How to Simplify Your Payroll With Gusto

Gusto is an affordable option to run payroll for the employees in your business. They make it quick, easy, and painless to get everyone paid. Here is a quick run down on how to make the most out of it!

Lauren Gamboa

2/16/20241 min read

woman holding silver iPhone 6
woman holding silver iPhone 6

If you're looking for an easy solution for payroll that won't break the bank, Gusto is a great choice! They make it easy to add new employees and they take care of all the deductions for you. Running payroll is a breeze and takes only a few minutes, plus they automatically file payroll taxes for you.

Gusto also includes tools like time tracking and PTO requests. Employees can clock in and out and request time off, all using Gusto's mobile app. Everything connects seamlessly in one place to simplify everything involving payroll.

To make things even easier, Gusto also has a Quickbooks Online integration! This means that when you connect your Gusto account to your Quickbooks Online account, Gusto will automatically send journal entries straight to Quickbooks every time you run payroll. Then all you have to do is match them up to the transactions in your bank feed and you're done!

To set up the integration, all you have to do is connect to Quickbooks in your Gusto app directory using your Quickbooks credentials. Once it's connected, you'll need to match up each account in Gusto to the appropriate accounts in Quickbooks. If you can't find an account similar in Quickbooks, you can always add it to the chart of accounts. Once all your accounts are mapped correctly, a journal entry will be automatically sent to Quickbooks for you every time you run payroll going forward. You can also manually sync past payrolls by going into your payroll history in Gusto and clicking "sync." Easy peasy!

When considering the cost, ease of use, and time saving capabilities, Gusto is an easy choice for payroll solutions that I recommend to all my clients.